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My 1992 3000GT sl is acting weird? The factory alarm seems to get set off when i park the 3000GT is the warm sun(70-80*F). If I put my cover on the car the alarm does not seem to get set off. also if i park in the shade the alarm will not set off. I park it in the sun. wait like 3 minutes and the Factory alarm gets set off. It is very imbaressing when I come out of a store and my alarm is going off for no reason. Could it be that the back hatch heats up and exbands a little. then the sensor in the latch for the truck gets tripped and the alram gets set off
my 92 3000GT SL is stock except for my K&N Air filter. I don't want to take it to the dealer unless i really know what the problem is becuause i know they will take me to the cleaners.

Help me out fellow 3si-ers!!

Brian Richardson
Palm Beach, FL
1992 3000GT SL
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I think that your "sun heating up the metal" idea is a good start.

Under the hood, you'll see the switch that the hood depresses when it's closed. This will be the switch that tells your car that the hood is opened (for such diverse reasons as turning on the under-hood light, and setting off the alarm). I'm not in the parking lot right now, so I can't rememeber exactly where the switch is, but I think it's close to the front, possibly by the passenger-side headlight. In any case, it was pretty obvious when I found it what it was for. Just tape over the switch (so the car thinks that the hood is down) then park in the sun again and see if that stops it going off. If so, all you have to do is lower the switch a bit.

I've never managed to figure out where the equivalent switch is for the rear hatch. Certainly I can't see anything obvious. I'm quessing that the alarm and rear hatch light bulb are triggered by the actual hatch latch mechanism, and not by having some silly switch get depressed, but I'm not sure of that. If that *is* how it works, then sunlight heating up your hatch is not the problem. If that's *not* how it works, then there really is a similar switch somewhere, but you can't test it by taping it down unless you find it. Sorry.
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