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Ahhh...The good ole days of 3Si

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Found some old school 3Si stuff! Yes I remember when it looked like this, heck I even posted a few times back then. My name then was ChrisM93TT.

Pics are big in size, they may take a while to load.

Enjoy the memories,

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Dang, that's before my time here :)
Oh yeah. I think my name was either jesterly or Huggy Bear.
What was scary is that before I knew anything about turbos, I always thought the turbo was a turbine from a jet airplane:D

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Chris - Thats some cool pictures you found. ;) I wasn't on the board back then, hehe.
hehe.. I remember those days :)
Hmmm...Feb of 99'. The only thing my Stealth had on it was a K&N. That was a long time ago!
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