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Ahhh!!!!!!!!! Got Rear ended today!

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Damn it! A huge Baer's furniture truck slammed into me while I was waiting for the light to turn green (for those of you in South Florida University Dr. And Sample rd.), Dude just slammed me hard. There was a 30' skid mark from where he started to brake along with the 30' skid mark on my seat. I ended up being taken to the hospital on a back board, those things suck. I should be fine. Cars in bad shape the whole back of the car is gone.

Just needed to vent guys!

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Buy back your car because its totaled, part it out, and upgrade to a twin turbo
Sorry about your car, i know how you can grow attached to things like that
Sorry to hear. Are you OK? Time for a TT :D

That really sucks, glad to hear you're ok. Hope you find a good replacement for it.:p
Damn dude...that sucks. Glad that you are OK though.

Stealthy I'm fine

Excuse the pun I feel like I got run over by a truck. I don't know if its totaled yet I'll know tommorrow.
It's more than likely totalled. RickyN29, barely had any damage on his stealth and they totalled it. Plus if the rear end got pushed up you will have frame damage.

Glad to hear you are ok. And you'll be back in 3/S soon.

Dude, what about that neck cuff? Does that thing hurt like a mother or what? If your neck isn't hurt from the wreck, it will be from that damn thing. Ouch.

Hey make sure you get a good lawyer. Even though the circumstances may seem clear cut, unfortunately the insurance companies have brought this on themselves because they will mess with you in ways that you don't even know. Take it from someone who has been run into 3 times this year while stopped.:)
Glad to hear you're ok. But get a thorough exam. I don't even NEED to begin to extoll upon you the problems that your back may encounter in the next few weeks, months, or years.

If you don't believe me, I'm sure Czar can speak on that matter QUITE well.

Whichever the case, if it's totalled, buy it back, and dole it up. I'm sure you'll make enough back to by a TT.


I was just thinking about you Czar, finish my post, and there's your response!!!

Wow. wierd Karma or something.


Hey Dolfanrob

Did you get my email? I want to clear out my garage, so I thought I'd check with you one last time.

hey! two of us got rearended in one day. what are the chances of that?
phatstealthrt said:
hey! two of us got rearended in one day. what are the chances of that?
What you do in your bedroom needs to stay there. This is a car forum for christ sake !!!


Nice cumback! No pun intended. lol
Ric could use your experience ;-)

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I never gto your email. I'll let you know tuesday thats when I find out if shes totaled or not

Please check this thread below and let me know if you're the slightest bit interested. I really want my garage back and I wanted to get rid of this thing this weekend when I saw your post.


Damn man...sorry about your luck. But all I can tell is that you arent all right. Tell them you are all fuked up and sue the piss outta them. Get a couple hundred grand then send me like 25k for giving you the idea:D :D :D Nah...but all kidding aside, talk to a lawyer you might be able to get some cash outta this.
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