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Ahh, Nothing Like Smoking Honda, but WAIT!

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Funny thing happened last night.

I was out cruising around when behind me I see Honda headlights, and hear a loud rev, (well, loud for a Honda!) They go to pass me so I downshift and smoke it. They try it again, I smoke it again!

Finally, a light turns red so the car pulls up, I glance over to see the competion, riced out Honda, silver tint and all.

But . . .

The window rolls down and I was shocked to see a hot chick in the driver seat!! She was like "Hey there" I was all , "Whats up" and had to pick my jaw up off the floor mat! Not only was it surprising to see a hot girl driving. But she was driving like a car should be driven!

Although, my need for speed got a hold of me and instead of chasing, I was racing! Should of got her number, but I am just too fast!

Just thought I'd share....


P.S. Of course I won, but she later turned on to the highway :(
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there's this hot girl around town with a riced out 2 door civic with hydrolics, now that's some funny shit
girlie girl racing fo' life homeslices!!

At work once some hot girl saw my car with my 18's and said, "What are those 20's?" I wanted to say, not only do gigantic wheels hamper your general performance by cutting torque and increasing force output of the car due to the sudden increased overall circumfrence of the wheel, it also puts unecessary stress on all aspects of the suspension.

But she drove a truck so she wouldn't have understood. I just laughed and told her "No, what would I do that for?"
>>>The window rolls down and I was shocked to see a hot chick in the driver seat!! <<<

"Umm, excuse me, Miss? I believe you dropped something."
"Dropped what?"
"My jaw!"
[email][email protected][/email] said:
"Umm, excuse me, Miss? I believe you dropped something."
"Dropped what?"
"My jaw!"
Damn you a smooth criminal...:D
My ex drove a riced out crx. She was a cutie. :D I still burned her in my GS eclipse though. :p
I was with my girlfriend and I saw a sweet looking Green VR4, going on the opposite. I end up turning around to go a different way, and happen to end up next to this VR-4 and what do I see. An extremely hot looking Blonde Girl. My girlfriend even thought she was hot :)

Awwwwwww Man! Nothing cool ever happens to me like that! What the???:rolleyes:
That might of been Cindy, she hangs out with us at Starbucks, she a good driver, but even my SLow can beat her car... Wait... my SLow has beaten Ricky's too... OOOOO Just kiddin man your boostin way to high for me now. She is hot, but she has a boyfriend. Sorry man
I had a similar experience with a chic in a Camaro (of all things). She was cool and raced with me... then followed me when I pulled into a convenience store. We talked cars for about 15 minutes or so and she remarked that she was really impressed with the VR-4... as she was impressed with anything that would put 2-3 carlengths on her Camaro. :D LOL

I asked her if she wanted to go for a ride and she said she would... but her husband :eek: might not like it too much. Oh, well. Easy come easy go I guess.
hey my girlfriend drives the 95 stealth in my sig...its her car. she wants to do a J-spec turbo motor swap in a year or so. i wanna buy her car so I can do the motor swap. oh yeah.....she has yet to lose in a street race.
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