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Aftermarket Pedals?

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Anyone else find that they had to be much more accurate with their feet after installing aftermarket pedals? How quickly did you get used to it? I got the Razo CF pedals today to help me with my heel-toe downshifting (slightly larger than stock, and shaped well for heel-toeing). The only problem is that since they are closer together, and I have big feet, I occasionally bump the gas when I brake, because I'm used to more clearance in between pedals...... I guess I'm just worried about how long it will take to build muscle memory for the exaggerated movement neccessary to clear the gas for hard braking.... in case of emergency when reflex takes over....... How long did it take for others to adjust?
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I never adjusted :(

Almost every emergency situation I've been in habit just hits both the brake AND the gas at the same time. I usually end up revving the engine when I push the clutch in and having to correct myself :(

I've had the pedals for 2 years on my R/T
I'm getting frustrated with these pedals. I think that my biggest problem with them is my inability to adjust the gas pedal the way I want.... and these were the best ones I found (in my opinion).... I'm trying to figure out a way to remove the stock gas pedal entirely and make a custom mount for the new pedal. I think that the additional height in the profile of the gas, without a comparable increase in profile of the brake, is part of the problem with me clipping the gas during braking. I also would like to be able to rotate the gas pedal clockwise slightly, pivoting on the bottom (this would reveal the stock pedal as it now stands, in addition to making the bottom heel/toe section stick out more, which is what I'm trying to aviod. They look awsome, and I feel that they are so close to what I want if I can just get them adjusted properly!

Suggestions would be hugely appreciated, particularly if anyone has actually removed their stock gas pedal.

Incidentally, you can see the shape of the pedals here:
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Ive had my pedals for over a year now..

I like them a helleva lot better than the stock pedals..
IMO the stock pedals were too damn small, specially the clutch
(my feet would slip off of them all the time :mad: )

With the new pedals, they are just the right size, grip right, and give me no problems..
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