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This thread has been going on for a long time!
I sold my VR4 a long time ago. I'm glag that the Mits 300GT/Stealth community is going strong.
After I sold it I was in search of a new toy. I bought a 58 Corvette. A whole new subculture from the VR4 crowd in that many tend to be older (as I am). I go to shows and cruises as often and get to see a wide variety of classic and vintage cars and their owners. it's been great. Also, putting money into it tends to increase, or at least maintain the car's value. When I sold the VR4 with thousands and thousands of dollars of upgrades, I got pennies on the dollar. But..... all old cars are money pits!
That being said I always say that the VR4 is a poor man's, and was my, supercar. The technology for the time was amazing and why they discontinued it, or don't bring it back as a flagship sports car for Mitsubishi, I'll never understand.
I hope all are doing well!
141 - 141 of 141 Posts