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Aerolight Kit For 1g Cars

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Dear Members,

I know the above has been a hot topic quiet a few times, but as of yet, unless I'm wrong, I have not seen an aerolight kit available for the 1G people. Anyways, I emailed StreetWeapon from El Cajon, CA (SoCal) since they do kits for MR2's, and they said they can do it, they just need a car to work on. I would volunteer my car but I'm out of the country and I will not be back for at least three more months. So, if there's anyone in Socal or San Diego area that might be interested, I can hook things up so they start on the kit and be the point of contact since I'm out here. Of course it all comes down to the price been right but I don't think they'll be able to give us a price until they see what they have to work with. So, if anyone is interested email me and we'll take it from there. Thanx.

Juan Pereira
[email protected]
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I've started this topic a few times since we are crafting some of these lights. I'm in school right now and the next time we can work on them is over Thanksgiving. Other than that, we have a good metal housing, but need to cut holes for the lenses. I have the tools and the time to do it here at school, but not the prototype with me. Good luck, it's a headache if you don't have alot of time to do it.
Well, I guess people opt to go with 2G or 3G converstion, but since I don't have that kind of money I will have to with the Aerolight kit. Well guys, thanx for the cooperation. I will let the community know the outcome when I get a chance to work on it. Which will be when I return to the U.S. three to four months from now.


Hopefully mine will be done before that time.
Fixed headlights instead of the popups. I think a kit is LONG overdue. I've seen the kit for the MR2, its real nice. I'm learning to vaccuum form lexan, and as soon as I get it right without burning and melting it I'll be working on a set, too.
This would be mad awesome. I'm sure you have seen the kit that goes on the RX7 with the Catz light combo in it right? It looks totally phat. I would buy the hell out of a kit that would get rid of those nasty pop ups.


It's not the Kaze projectors is it? Those aren't "aerolights."
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