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Just a quick heads up that the November special is almost over and only $359.95 regularly $495.95.

Here is some ino on the Fidanza adjustable gears from Fidanza

Hello Steve.....

Our cam gear adjusting screws should be torqued between 35 & 40 inch pounds. The reason our design is superior to competitors.......

Stainless steel studs threaded in from backside , used with stainless nuts , eliminates problems other brands have been plagued with from screws being threaded into aluminum. After continual tightning & loosening the aluminum threads stretch....and allow cam gear to loosen up....this could be a possible engine destroying situation.

The 5 adjusting locations have been proven to hold better than 3,4 or even 6 bolt you may notice most other brands have copied this from us.

Our outer cog is coal blasted for grip...and then hard anodized for durability , many of the competitive brands are not.

We manufacture cam gears for many other companies...(Crane Cams being a notable one)....and have our complete line distributed by many Warehouses. All our cam gears...have been tested for strength , design , and duarability, just like our World Renown Lightweight Aluminum Flywheels.

Our policy of producing the highest posible quality products, and offering pricing below the competition,
has given all the other brands and their distributers "fits" , as evidenced by some of the inuendos being posted on the net , dont let them fool you into spending more for less !

Best Regards,
Tim Andrews
Sales Manager
Fidanza Engineering Corp.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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