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Additional 12V outlet

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Has any one withOUT the 12v outlet next to the cruise control switch added it before? I was wondering because I would like to add the outlet there because someone is selling the piece on ebay and I need another outlet.

Also, is it difficult to add another outlet?
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I meant, is it difficult to add this outlet in addition to the one behind the stick if you don't have it originally-wiring, power and stuff...
I'd bet the wires are already under there. Plus, they're normal spade connectors that will plug right onto any aftermarket add-on cigarette lighter socket.
Ok, so I bought that thing off that guy on Ebay, but I dunno how it looks or how to install it. What do I have to do to switch that panel that I have inthere...with the panel that I just bought (the VR4-TT one with the cruise AND the outlet...mine just has the cruise and a larger tray)....

also if anyone has any ideas how to make that outlet work, I would be very happy. Thanks
does anyone have instructions on how to get under that cruise control panel as well as the aft cigarette outlet?

And how do I connect the front outlet (once it's in) to make it work?
The cruise control panel pops out. Stick in a screwdriver and pull.

Like I said, there should be a set of stock wires already under there waiting for you.
You mean ? like this,

To remove, take a screw driver and carefully pry it up.
There are 4 small tabs 2 in front- 2 in back that hold it in place.
Mine were broke off before I bought the car. That's why you don't see them in the pic.

<a href="">CLICK here for another pic of 12v</a>
Looks like its a blue wire & a black wire with a white clip!
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thank you so much, I hope the base has that blue and black wire there...
well, I received my plate, was gonna install it, but the only wire there for the base is the one that connects to the cruise control...there's nothing for an additional outlet.

Please can anyone tell me what I should do now...if I need to buy wire, what gauge...

Has any other NA person done this yet?
You sure it isn't taped to a harness somewhere under there? I find it highly unlikely that they made separate harnesses for different models of the car.
Can someone with a base model check to see if they have the wire there? If it is there, I can't find it and hopefully someone can tell me where it is...

It only takes a second to pop it up with a screwdriver.
If all you're going to run on it is light-current items like a radar detector or cell phone charger, just tap off the regular cigarette lighter wires. It can easily handle two items.

Just don't actually use a lighter in the new one and you'll be fine.
Great, thanks. What gauge wire should I get?
If you're planning on doing what John suggested, and 18awg wire would work fine.
does anyone know for sure if there are other ones taped back under or whats the story? I want full current to both
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