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adding an amp to a powered sub?

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hey people

right now i have: blaupunkt keywest head unit (21x4 RMS) with ONE preamp output powering 4 infinity kappa speakers (6.5" components in the front, 6x9s in the back), and a 10" Bazooka RS Powered Sub in the trunk.

The bass is just fine for my taste, I'm happy with it. Mids aren't too bad but the high just sound really washed out. I have to turn "treble" up just to even hear much of it.

Now my question is: can i add an amp to power the 4 infinity's to my existing setup with the powered sub even if I only have one preamp output in the head unit? If thats not possible, what options do I have?

I don't really have much money to spend, I really regret wasting so much on the infiinity's in the back instead of getting a good amp. Any help is appreciated, thanks! :D
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You can buy splitters, like a Y to split up your preamps to multiple amps. Try radio shack or an audio shop, best buy, etc.
splitters or.... i would suggest to go ahead and get a 2 way active crossover, this will help to "clean up" your high end by cutting out power robbing low end feq's that your sub should be playing, you could pick up a used audio control 2xs for like 40-50 bucks, one input -> two controlable outputs.

well the components in the front come with "passive crossovers" for each side.

do the splitters reduce sound quality any? and if i were to get an amp, what power do you think would be optimal for 4 Kappa's?
yes still use the passives, use the active xover to cutoff the sub in the 80-60 hz range lowpass, then the other signal will be highpass at the same freq., this keep the sound stage up front by not allowing the comps and sub to play in the same freq. range.

as far as an amp i would suggest to buy a 50 or 75 x 2 for the comps and power the 6x9s with the head unit for some abience.

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