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Hello haven't been on the form in a while but wanted to leave a review for the Addco swaybars 3sx sells for FWD owners. I was certainly reluctant to purchase them as they are a bit pricey so I figured I would leave a review for those thinking of buying it. Maybe it will help you with your decision.

A little preface, I am not a racecar driver just a guy who likes to drive fast on the weekends and go to the track when I have spare cash. My car is nearly all stock 95 DOHC. Mods are HAWK rotors and pads, steel brake cables, strut tower bars front & rear and addco sway bars front and rear. There is also ~1.5 degree of camber on my car via stock camber bolts, 0 toe in. 200 treadwear tires

I was lucky to go to the track before the install and after the install so I was able to really feel the difference. The swaybars will help with 2 things really, less body roll and more rotation.

I really can't understate just how much more rotation the car has now on the track. Tight corners are much easier to take and the car washes out much less. The biggest problem I have at the track was the car washing out and not turning leaving me almost in the dirt. The swaybars help a lot with this. That being said the rotation can bite you too. There where a few moments that car over rotated almost spinning out. Another point to mention is the car is a little bit more scary turning aggressively at higher speeds (60mph+). The car was more predictable with the stock bars at those speeds because it would really just sit on the outer tires and grab harder.

With the stock swaybars I would run into a problem taking corners in second where the car would roll so much that one front tire would loose grip. Now the car is more level and doesn't loose that grip.

The ride quality is harder with the new swaybars. You will feel potholes and stuff more. Any situation where one side of the car is upset you will feel more than of the stock swaybars

I cannot really tell the difference when driving through the mountains and stuff. I can only tell the difference on the track really when I am really pushing the car. I would not recommend this mod unless you are going to be tack driving. The loss of comfort is not worth it if you do not track the car, in my opinion.

That being said I think there should be a mod that goes hand in hand with this, coilovers. The problem is the since the swaybar is thicker the left and right tires are more connected and so are there springs(if that makes sense). The result is that the whole car feels like it is on stronger springs. A side effect of this is that the car doesn't feel like it squats as much as before on turns. I would recommend getting some coilovers with this mod to lower your car and add addition camber. You may even want to experiment with different spring rates. Then I feel like this mod would really be outstanding.

Addco swaybars --> Great for the track, lose some comfort

Okay I am done. Hope someone finds this helpful and feel free to ask any questions. Did anyone else find different results?
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