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Hi Guys,

Here's a pretty uninformed question, and I've seen the results on Roger's webpage, but does anyone know the actual HP change at the wheels when the boost is turned up to 14.5PSI? It seems awkward that at 9.5PSI (1991-1993) that there's 300HP, then at 2.5PSI more, there's 320HP (Up to 12PSI). By my math, and I know that these are not truly linear relationships, but adding another 2.5PSI to 14.5 PSI makes 400HP (as claimed on Roger's webpage from dyno results!!!)? can this be right? where is the 80HP coming from, if not from the turbos?

I realize the dynamics of our cars, and know that by replacing the stock airbox alone, the ability to breath is greatly increased. The more air, the more power. But, is it actually true, that by increasing the boost up to 14.5 PSI and adding a K&N will increase the output of my 1992 from 300 to 400? It just doesn't seem right. Plus, my vette friends can't believe it either, though their all NA people and don't understand the dynamics of turbocharging.

So, are our cars truly the greatest modifyable machines ever made? 400 horses for $600? In a vette, the extra 100 horses costs about $10,000!!! It just doesn't seem right.

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