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From my experience the active exhaust is nothing more then a novelty item. It doesn't make any difference in the performance of the car. I think I got a little bit better gas milage with it in tour versus sport. Also while in tour the exhaust tone is a little bit quieter.

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I had previously stated in another thread that the active exhaust valve is in the muffler. I took the driver's side wheel off last night and looked at the system and found out that the valve is before the muffler. There are two pipes that go into the muffler. One smaller pipe (approx. 2") and one larger (2.75" - 3"). The larger pipe has the valve in it so when in touring mode below 3500 RPM all exhaust flow goes through the smaller pipe. This is the stupidest arrangement I have ever seen. Mine is frozen in the touring mode so all my exhaust is going through the little pipe. This may explain my poor 1/4 mile times, we will see. The valve is now soaking in penetrating oil. I hope it comes loose... if not time to get the torch out :)

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