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I talked to the mitsu dealer about this, and he said that it'll rust in place if not used all the time, which is probably the case. I could also hear the motor going, but no difference in sound or performance. If it is rusted in place, it's probably shot. The dealer told me to spray some rust eater or WD40, so I tried it, but nothing changed. I had to take out my antenna motor the other day, and while doing so, I saw the cable that pulls the exhaust door. It was broken, and I'm sure that yours probably is also since you switched modes while the door was stuck. I have no intentions to try to fix this since it'll be hell trying to replace the whole length of the cable. I think it's stuck in sport mode anyway, except that when ever I accelerate fast, it sounds like the motor goes on, which I think would be trying to go into sport mode like the suspension does, but I don't think it would do that if it were in sport mode already. I only have exhaust coming out of the driver's side also, but I'm gonna talk to the dealer again to find out for sure.

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