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Took my 1996 3000gt to a local shop to see what exactly was wrong. They added some freon and the ac started blowing out cold air but that only last for 30 minutes at most. Took it back the next day after it started blowing hot air again and they added dye and gave me a list of parts that need to be replaced.

Expansion valve
A/C discharge hose ASM
A/C suction hose ASM

They want to charge me to 1200 to replace everything. The parts are fairly cheap if i just buy them myself, is this something that i can fix on my own? and is 1200 a lot or should i just bring it somewhere else for a second opinion. They also said they are unsure if the evaporator is leaking, if the evaporator is bad do i have to pull the whole dashboard out to replace it?
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