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? about dealership's

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Dealerships give high estimates on car damagaes...
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But of course. Is this a trick question?????? I kinda feel stupid for answering it. :D
sorry, i just read my post again and i was like "that doesnt make no sence at all" what i really meant was do dealerships give a higher estimate compared to body shops on damages from a car accident...
On the body probably. Depends on dealer. Generally a body shop works with the insurance company to get more business. Therefore, they shop and find the body panels for the cheapest price possible. Where as a dealer will just estimate the price they sell the part.
As far as if something goes wrong with the car, they usually just want to keep replacing things til the problems fixed.

Last 2 accidents I went to a very good bodyshop, so I would recommend taking it to a bodyshop, they tend to know the customers a little more.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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