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Grrr, baby, grrr
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Hey guys, here's a poem that I did two years ago. It's sort of halloweeny ;-)


Night falls with a sudden hush
You shed your human skin
It is time for feeding
The hunt must begin

A full moon rises
Across the dormant land
The hour of insanity
Is close at hand

You are a nocturnal predator
Not suppressing a murderous growl
Throw back your gruesome head
And emit a ghoulish howl

You search in agonized hunger
Your feeding is a must
You cannot subdue the craving
You cannot oppress the lust

With claws of a savage beast
You cling to your victim's life
Your hunger now satisfied
With one lingering bite

Splattered across your face
Dripping off your chin
The warm blood of your prey
Will never flow again

Yet, the hunger will return once more
Consuming you, taking control
It has taken your life
And your valued mortal soul

The way to freedom
Is streaked with garnet red
All hope is lost
You are forever the undead...

Grrr, baby, grrr
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Mutilator said:
That was bootiful.
Sorry had to do it :p
That was a spooktacular pun. ;-)
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