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Since my engine break in I've been in a few races, mostly initaiated by me.

The best one so far was a 1996 Mustang GT. Yeah, laugh, ha ha, mustang GT. It was from a dead stop too. Well here is the deal on the mustang:

50 shot of nitrous
full X-pipe exhaust
larger valves
etc etc

This car was badass, but he still lost, sorta. We raced from a roll a few times and stayed even, so we both loved pulling up to a red light. I saw the other light turn yellow so I held it at 5,500rpm. Then right before the light turned green I floored it and got it to about 6,200 before I dumped it. Out of the hole I immediately pulled on him 3 lengths, but he made that distance up really fast with his 50 shot. His front bumper just barely edged passed me far about 5-6 secs then his shot started to die out. We stayed almost completely even up to about 140 when his car started to lag back. I shut down when the speedo read 147. It was cool and right after the race we pulled over and popped the hoods, showed off our shit. He was modded all to hell and had all kinds of crazy guages in his car. He was dumbfounded when he looked under my hood and saw the stock airbox.

I really like my J-spec. Thats about all I can say. The other really close race was against a mid 90's Firebird Formula running a 75 shot. Again, out of the hole his ass had no luck, but he pulled on me almost a 1/2 a car length in the beginning of 3rd. By the end of third I was in front and we shut down midway into 4th gear. He was also a cool guy and thats when he told me about his nitrous. I'm glad he said something about it cause I was about to kick my car for almost loosing to a mid 90's chevy V-8. When he pulled up to the next light and told me about his shot and purged his nitrous, I felt a crap load better.

Well, thats about it for now. I have been trying to coax a C5 into racing me but all the assholes around here don't buy them cause they want to race, they buy them for looks. Oh well. I'm sure by the end of 2nd it will start to kill me, but I really want to see the look on the guys face when my 3.0L V6 kills him out of the hole :)

Oh yeah, BTW. I ran my car at MIR (Maryland International Raceway) the other night. Lined up next to a new camaro SS with intake and exhaust. I wasn't too worried about his ass. He had a passenger who filmed me pulling up the the line and launching at 7K. I wish I could see that video. they were both laughing it up that I was racing them in a V6 (they didn't know it was turbo cause I took my TT emblems off). The video is my car from the side them vroooom, nothing. I got a .534 reaction time at my first time at the track, and a 1.91 60' time. My transmission sucks ass at high RPM and the syncros are completely ruined so I missed second and he caught up and ended up beating me. Either way, it was just 1 run for fun. I ran a 9.4 in the 1/8 mile so that shows you how bad I missed 2nd. It was grinding for at least a full second before it engaged. The 1/4 mile time was a 14.9 so I know that with a good tranny his ass would have been toast. What can you expect out of a transmission with 164,xxx miles on it? I got the whole car for $800 so you don't see me bitching.
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