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The North East Gathering was created to provide an opportunity for all 3000GT & Stealth enthusiasts to get together in the north eastern region. This event is focused on providing the 3S enthusiast, their friends, and family a fun filled weekend for all to enjoy. This event is unique compared to other 3S gatherings in that for the most part; it has very little to do with our cars. While there is a car show it is but a very small part of the gathering. The car show is held so participants are given the opportunity to showcase their cars and hard work in a collective manner; Not to show off but rather to educate one another. Votes from participants are tallied in a manner that is truly unique to the NEG. This meet is truly a vacation for 3S owners; No drag racing, no autocross, no long, drawn out cruises, and no activities that your family and friends of any age cannot partake. The planners of this event make it a point to keep things fresh and to try out new things. Meets tend to be predictable and boring if you don’t change it up every once in a while. After hosting this event for a few years, we are confident we have almost every base covered. None of your fees are for profit and an itemized list of expenditures are available to anyone who wants to see them. We take pride in efficiently managing our budget.

This year’s event will feature an optional tour of Howe Caverns in Howes Cave, NY, a car show on Prospect Mountain overlooking Lake George, fully catered awards dinner at the hotel, costume party at the hotel, and tons of raffle prizes!

Some of us will be caravaning Thursday night and staying at Howe Cavern’s motel. The motel is located across from the Main Lodge on the Howe Caverns Estate. The Howe Caverns Motel is owned and operated by Howe Caverns, Inc. overlooking the beautiful Helderberg Plateau. On Friday afternoon we will be partaking in a tour that leads you 156ft beneath the Earth’s surface. So if you can make up on Friday, please join us. Upon completion of the tour, we will caravan to the Holiday Inn in Albany where we can check in. Caravan and tour times will be announced as the information becomes available.

Saturday afternoon, we will be traveling up to Prospect Mountain in Lake George, NY. We will be having a light lunch during the voting process than head back to the hotel. There will be time to relax or do other things prior to the catered dinner at the hotel that evening. The costume party will start shortly thereafter.

This year’s costume party theme is Food and Beverage. This theme encompasses any and every thing that is food and beverage related. For example, you can be a hot dog or a bun, a glass of wine or a mug of beer, you can be a fork or a spoon, if that is what you are into, you can be a brand of food, a device that cooks the food, an item used to store beverages, or maybe even a magical fruit. Use your imagination... there will be a prize for best costume. This is a no holds barred costume onslaught; we just ask that you be respectful in your choice as we will be roaming the halls of the hotel and there will be other families present.

We have been using this region for several years and have tried different things to do, different places to hangout, and different places to eat. Some experiences weren’t that great but others were truly memorable. The coordinators of this event have chosen to utilize the best establishments we have utilized over the course of the last 5 years. 3SNJ and 3SNY has dedicated a lot of time and resources to make this the most unique 3S meet you’ll ever attend. We’ll be posting a chronological itinerary once prices and reservations are confirmed.

As always, your registration fees will pay for:
  • Courtesy / Party Room
  • Refreshments & Snacks for the duration of the event.
  • Lunch @ the car show
  • Catered dinner @ hotel
  • Carwash supplies
  • Awards and trophies
  • Raffle prizes
  • Miscellaneous expenditures to run the event.
Price: $50.00

Optional Event:
Howe Caverns Tour
Location: 255 Discovery Drive, Howes Cave NY 12092

Caravan Info:
To be led by Justin Lim
Date: Thursday, August 1, 2013Time: TBA
Location: Plattekill Travel Plaza – Near milepost 65 Northbound between Exits 17 (Newburgh I-84) and 18 (New Paltz)

Howe Caverns Tour
Date: Friday, August 2, 2013
Meet Time: TBA
Tour Time: 12:30 PM

Hotel Info:
We'll be staying at the Holiday Inn at 205 Wolf Rd., Albany, NY 12205. This has been the official NEG hotel for several years and it has never let us down. Parking for all NEG registrants will be in a closed off section of the parking lot. The hotel has also agreed to allow us the use of their spigot to wash our cars (no need to go to a car wash). As far as amenities are concerned the hotel has its own restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It also has a martini bar, indoor & outdoor pool, gym, game room, and wifi throughout the hotel.
Standard Room rate: $119.00 per night

Howe Caverns tour details:

A block of rooms have been reserved for us. When calling to make your reservations ask for the NEG group block. We were only able to block off 13 rooms until July 1st. All of the rooms are double beds, so please share a room if possible. Do not forget to ask for the Friday tour which has been booked for us for 12:30 PM. The tour is separate from the room charge. We are getting a group rate for the tour, so it has to be paid separately and in advance. Please Paypal the tour money to Dave Mennella. His Paypal email address is davemcboost [at) gmail [dot) com
For those interested, they also have an adventure course where you can partake in rock climbing, zip lining and a water ride. The adventure course is an additional cost.
Please book now to ensure you can get a room.

Howe Caverns Tour
Location: 255 Discovery Drive, Howes Cave NY 12092
Telephone: 518-296-8900
  • Motel Stay: $104 per night
  • Tour (Adult): $21 ($21.91 with Paypal fee) ($22 if we don't get the group rate)
  • Tour (Child): $10 ($10.59 with Paypal fee)

Information is also available on facebook:

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The Howe Caverns motel must be booked by July 1st to ensure you have room and to get the group pricing.
We also need to get the money into Dave for the tour as soon as possible to reserve space for our group.

Who is going to take the tour?

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Itinerary update!

1:00 pm Caravan to Howes Caverns
6-7 pm check in then dinner

11:00 pm Check out
12:30 pm Howes Caverns Traditional tour (Everyone should be there at least 10 min before) Please dress appropriately for maximum comfort during your tour.
**Bring a light jacket and wear comfortable shoes that give you a good level of traction. The cavern environment is a constant 52 º Fahrenheit 70-75% humidity, year round.**
2:30 to 4:00pm Lunch and for anyone who wants to take part in 4 Tower Zip Line, H2OGO Balls, Ropes Course, Rock Wall, or Air Jumper.
4:00 pm Head over to Holiday inn check in relax
8:00 pm Group Dinner

Registration for event/ Car wash
1:00 pm drive to Thatcher Park
6:00 pm Dinner at Hotel
8:00 pm costume party!!

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Reserve your room for Howe Caverns by Monday, July 1st
After that date, they will no longer honor the reduced rate and they will not be holding the block for us anymore.

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anyone need any of this crap?

Brake booster + reservior
Clutch RES
Engine Harness w/ fuse box
Frame member- pass side tranny
Tranny mount

oxygen sensors x 2

Drive line
Front axles
Transfer case
control arm, pass

BODY / Lights
AA motor + assembly
a-pillar trim exteror pass
crash bar Front
door passenger
fake windows
fender Driver
Fender Passenger
Rear Corner piece pass side red
TT sail panels red
wind-deflector -
jack, stock
door sill, passenger

AC radiator and blower
Body wiring harness
brake or clutch? pedal assembly
Carpet Interior
dash harness
manual owners stock
seat pass
window motor, regulator pass
window pass
wiper bottle rear

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