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'99 VR-4 Stock Exhaust (Cat Back)

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I just dont have any place to keep this. Was removed from my car 10/27/01 and is still one piece.

You can pick it up in Merritt Island (near Cocoa Beach) FL or contact me about cutting it up for shipment.
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You got mail


how much would the shipping be to California???
Zip 93437
I don't know

But it seems like I ought to be able to get it on a direct ship from KSC to VAFB doesn't it:D


The stuff is a) large and b) hefty and c) used 8500 miles. I defnitely would have to cut it in a least one place to consider shipping and I really think two to make three pieces to weld back together. If it isn't grabbed by somone who wants to pick it up it's a possibility.

You pay the shipping.
Let me know how much shipping would be...thanks...
And i understand you have to cut in 3 pieces...
Let me know...
BudhaThrilla took the first shot

If he passes on Sunday 11/4, I'll let you know.

Thanks Bob...let me know...
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