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99 Front End on 1st Gen

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99 Front End on 1st Gen

Direct replacement? Anyone have pics of what it looks like?

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No, you need to swap out headlights, etc. Pearl R/T is however making a direct bolt-on 99 front bumper for 1st gens...
any ideas on when its going to be done?
99 Bumper

I have a '91 Stealth base, with some minor bumper damage. Will Pearl R/T's bumpers just fit over the bumper. I mean just replace my '91 cover with the '99 cover. Or do you have to change the bumper hardware? I like the '99 look but I don't like the look of the projection headlights. I think the pop-up lights make the stealth/3000's look a lot better. If Pearl R/T's bumper will work without losing my pop-ups, i am in.
if you look at the 99 headlights they look so much better then the other years of projection headlights. It would be the only ones I'd ever change my popups to.
It's not the best pic in the world (hard to see front end of the car) but Dan Kiehl over at Dynamic Racing put a 99 front end on his 92 Stealth TT. It's the last picture on this page,

It's also on the front page, notice how he modified the stock hood so he could keep the strut covers. Pretty cool


92 Laser AWD
94 Stealth RT/TT
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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