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99 conversion

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hey guys, since i can't find an engine for my stealth, i found a 99 mitsubishi 3000 gt SOHC that is stripped all except seats engine, tranny etc. can i take the stuff from my 91 stealth and put it on the mitsubishi?
by the way if i do i'll part out my stealth.
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lol you should be able to take almost all of it and put it in there. same car.... diffrent year, BASICALLY
this is the car i'm buying

thanks and sorry for a lot of pics:D
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Man that just pisses me off that some nuckle head trying to make a couple quick bucks could destroy a beautiful car like that.:( :mad: :( :mad:

well looking at that car about the only thing that you will be able to put on that 99 from your car is the mirrors. other wise it looks like a lot of modifications would need to be made to get the older stuff to fit.
I'm not as familiar with the details of the 3000GT, but that stripped down black car looks like a 2nd gen Stealth not a 99 3000GT.

Reasons why I think so:
- Space for the Stealth style rear tail lights.
- No vents on door panel
- The "passenger window" thing by the hatch. The 3000GT is solid black where the stealth you can see through and is shaped different.

Any other opinions?

Yeah, that is a 97 at least. You can tell by looking at the Part where the roof slants down to the Rear Quaterpanel. There is metal there where a glass would be on the stealth.

besides, I think I see 99 sail panels in the back seat. Also that color interior didn't come out till 97.

You will be able to fit the parts off your stealth onto this car, except the Rear Quater glass.
Yep. Tqlla is right! Now that I'm at work with a higher res monitor it's definetly a 3000GT.

Ignore my last post ;)
you can see the details here
try that.
yeah. and it will prompt you for a username and a password.
user = 511600
pass= r6ces6nw5m
Well, it's a SOHC, so that right there would tell you it's a 99 base :D
sweet find it is a 99. hey any idea what its going for like that? and how do you get a name on copart? your going to do the body 99 styled right?
Copart has salvage yards all over but you have to be a dealer to buy cars from them.
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