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983KSL vs. 973K Base vs. 97 Probe GT !!!!!

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Well last Saturday I meet up with Jay ( Drozzix) with his 97 Base and my cousin with his 97 Probe GT..

Well after a few minutes of talking and taking pics of his car...(my hood was too dirty so I didnt want to take the pics with the hoods down..hehe)...We got back on the road and headed to Friday for dinner.

On the way there we all lined up next to each other at a light...( all ATX's btw)...Light turns green and I launch at a little above 2K. I take the lead followed by Jay and then my cuz. From 60-85 I feel I pulled a little more but not much maybe a bumper. But nonetheless the race ended at me about 3 cars ahead...not by much but it was funnnnnn assss helll. Especially since all our cars are black and it looked pretty intimidating at a light. HEHE..

BTW Jay ...the neon kit looks hotttttttttt..I forgot to tell you. :D
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nice double kill, i love to see a pack of sweet cars all lined up. It does look intimidating as hell :D
Thanx man...

I forgot to mention that.....

Jay had all his subs and everything in the trunk and had no passenger.

My cuz's probe had nothing in the back..not even his spare tire..but he had a passenger in the front seat that just about weight as much as the spare tire. LOL

I had my spare tire and 2 passengers not counting myself...the 2 passengers make up about 350 pounds...damn it would have helped me more if I didnt have them there. LOL

but it still kicked ass man....I have got to do that again. HEHE:D
I am a bit :confused:. How did Jay do better in his base than your cousin in his GT? What mods did they have?
Jay just has Spark Plugs and Wires and an Air cuz has a Cold Air Intake....Plugs/Wires...Custom Exhust...and the IAT mod...

I dont know man but Jay only was up by about half a car. I couldnt tell but that is what my passangers told me.;)
Slushboxes? blah...But that sounds like it was alot of fun so good kills. Imagine if you didn't have the passengers:eek:
Yeah I would have done so much better if the passengers were not aboard but the PGT is running with bad Spark Plug Wires...They are leaking Oil..HEHE. :D mistake. I had only taken 97 PGT by about 1 1/2 to 2 cars compared to Jay ,who i took by only 1 car length up to 80mph.

**I was pretty surprised considering I had raced my cousin ( 97 PGT) an hour earlier before we meet up with Jay and he ended up beating me. ( I have it on video) He got me on the launch and it stayed pretty even from there ( me on the tip of his bumper ).**

But nonetheless I would have done better if I didnt have so much people in the car. Imagine about 400 lbs. less. HEHE :D

But it still kicked assss. ;)

Btw. Also 97 PGTs' cat is bad ! :eek:
I lost

U bastard !!!!! Both u guys !!!! LOLOL
I beat ur ass the first time then my car just dyed on me :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

I have no clue whats going on with my car now !!!! damn !!!!!!!

4u2nv .. ur car is so much better looking then our cuzions (3000_Kills_GT)

didn't he move to like canada ???? He was a cocky MoFo. :D
Yeah 3000 Kills ( Jeremy ). Had to move and sell the 96 Base that he had. Damn shit pulled a 14.7 stock. I wish I had bought it off him but he took it to canada and sold it there. BASTARD!!!. HEHE

LMAO..Your car always has problems...:p..Probably why you can run in top form. Get them fixed and next time I will tell the passenger not to tape the Dashboard the whole time. LOL:D
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