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94 Stealth RT

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My beautiful Dodge Stealth RT with 70,000 miles was damaged in a small flood. I visited it at the insurance yard, and it is totally dried out and seems to have no odor. The wholesale yard has offered me $5800, but this car was perfect before getting water up over the base of the stick shift (I don't think it got to the radio). The fuse box was shorted, and the seats should be replaced becuase the leather suffered water damage. Can I post a notice to anyone who might be interested in this car. The car is silver, with all options, alloys, all wheel drive and steer, stock, without sunroof. It was a perfert car, perfect body, low maintenance, and I miss it. I need to make a decision soon, and am considering putting it in storage, as it is so nice and so rare.

Please advise if you have any ideas.
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I'm sorry for your loss. :(


Not sure I fully understand... are you offering to sell it?
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