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well heres whats for sale........a 1993 Dodge Stealth ES , its Blue / grey leather interior.24v dohc , completely stock, no mods whatsoever, the only thing thats altered is theres a sony cd player rather than the stock stereo. it has 130k miles, and has had all its maintainence as scheduled though dodge.the only reason for selling is its an automatic, and i bought a 5-speed 93 that i am going to modify. love these cars !!......anyway the body's clean for the most part , but it does need paint. i figure I'll either sell it now for 4000-4500, or I'll have the little scrathes/dings repaired and have it painted and then ask 6000-6500. so I figured I'd throw it up as is and see if theres any takers can email me at [email protected] ...........or call (732)920-9188 i am located in New Jersey...(sorry i am in the process of getting pics put on) any extremely serious buyers i will mail out pics of any angle requested.)
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