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92tt vs. 00 mustang GT

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We both caught by traffic lights and it was uphill.
Stang started to rev and so do I. I didn't launch hard, around 2500 rpm or so cuz my stock clutch is about to go out.
Anyways, in 1st, I went up to 30 and he was about half car length ahead of me. When I got into 2nd, he was one full car length ahead of me:mad:
We went up to 60mph, that was all.
I was pissed:(
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I would be pissed too. Maybe he had some serious mods, and you surrendured your biggest advantage with the launch so don't feel too bad.
OK, nice death :D :D
hmm....i think if I launched above 3500, i would have chance.
But his exhaust sounded stock,......
anyways, thank you guys for comments:D
You shifted at 30? Did your turbos even spool?
Yeah, i didn't go above 30...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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