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92 VR-4 Question

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Hello all,I have a 92 VR-4 and i have some doubts.
My mods are:
Manual boost controler 14 psi
8mm accel wires
bosch platinum plugs gapped at .30
Blitz SS bov

These are my bpu mods i have other things but they are cosmetic.
Ok, my car is heavy we all know this but my main question is what are the respectfull times i should be running in the track.
My best 1/4 was 14.8 @ 96.63 MPH. The 1/8 mile was 9.12 @ 76.12. This was with a half tank of gas, stereo in the back, all tire change gear in the back and a shit launch.
What should i be running? Is my car out of tune? Can i do better?
I know if i launch better my times will be a bit lower.
Any help will be appretited.
:) Have a nice day
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oh by the way

BTW i forgot a couple of mods:
Gutted pre-cats and main cat
Cat back custom 3" exhaust.
Shit dude, your car is running pretty slow, but so is mine. I just got a stock VR4 91, and it only does 0-60 in 7.3. The quarter mile for these cars should be around 14.4 stock, and you have many upgrades. Are your turbos running weak? I think mine are, that may be the problem.
the 1/4 mile for those cars in stock form is mid-high 13's. i think both of you might want to check for a boost leak somewhere. also, what temps and what elevation were your times run at edgavi? those are two BIG factors in how fast a car will run. also, how were you launching? you're gonna make oup most of your time on the launch. that's where your biggest advantage is. what kind of 60' times did you have?

my launches really, really suck.
I have yet to get agood one.
the temp was around 75 deg farent, elevation i have no clue but i live in NC i was in the Jaxsonville track.
My 60 ft was a blazing 2.3
I feel my launch is pretty good. I dump the clutch at 6000 rpm and it flys. The problem is the turbo cuts off in 2nd gear or it seems it gets very very weak, but the weird thing is it goes 80 in 2nd gear. i don't know what the hell is wrong.
I found that when i hooked up a boost gauge to my then-stock '92 VR4, i was only boosting to 4 1/2 PSI max! I believe my wastegate solenoid had gone bad. You might have the same problem. Instead of spending the money to replace that, i bought a cheap manual boost controller and threw the boost up to 14psi. Oh, what a difference.
your VR-4 with those mods should run very very low 13's or
even high 12's if launched properly and if it is in health condition.
The trap speed should be around 105-108mph.In cold weather,
it is even possible to hit 110mph.
You might want to check your car for boost leak or any other
problems.Hope this helps:cool:
Best way

Whats the best way to look for a boost leak?
Also i think my front turbo is leaking oil.
I took off my down pipe and the smoke is coming from the front turbo. Do you guys think its a gasket some where or do i have to replace the turbo?

Can it be that im runing cheap ass bosch platinum plugs?
I had to gap them to .30 to get the car to boost up to 14 psi.
also is it easy to regasket the 9b's?
I don't claim to be an expert here, but sounds like you've got several things happening at the same time.

First, with 1/2 tank of gas, all that stuff in your trunk, hot weather, and a crappy launch, low 14's are probly about right. Remove the weight, run in cooler weather, and improve your launch, then low to mid 13's are likely.

While a boost leak is possible, it's not likely. If you've got a leak in one of the smaller vacuum/solenoid hoses, the turbos would likely be over-boosting. If you've got a leak in one of the intercooler hoses, BOV, or y-pipe, you'd probably hear it or it would blow off and you'd know it.

The only gaskets at the turbo are between the turbo and the exhaust manifold, and the turbo and the pre-cat. If either of these are leaking, it would be an exhaust leak and not a boost leak. And yes, it IS a real pain to replace the gaskets. The front turbo is not as bad as the rear, but it's still a pain.

If you are leaking oil from the turbo, you could have a problem with a leaking oil seal in the turbo. If this is the case, your intercooler hose would have oil in it also. If not then make sure it's not simply an external leak from the gasket on the oil return line.

If you're seeing smoke coming from the pre-cat under the turbo, and you didn't find any oil in the intercooler hose (see above), this is more likely due to internal engine problems, such as bad valve seals or rings.

Doubt your plugs are the problem, although most people (myself included) recommend staying with the stock NGK plugs and gapping them at .032" -.034" These plugs and gaps are tried and proven.

I didn't see a boost gauge in your list of mods. If you don't have one, you MUST get one to make sure of exactly where you're at.

Sorry for the long reply. Just trying to shed a little light based on my experiences. Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the info, yes i do have a boost gauge. and yes my intercoler piping does have a little bit of oil in it.
Sorry, I didn't mean to sound like an ASS in my previous post.

A light film of oil in the intercooler pipe is not unusual, expecially on a higher-mileage car. But if it is more than that, then you probably have a bad seal in the turbocharger. This will cause your exhaust to smoke from time to time, and the turbo will eventually have to be replaced.

But even with a bad seal, your boost should not be significatnly affected. One of our local 3Si members has been running his car with a bad turbo seal for over 6 months now. He is going to upgrade his turbos this winter.

Before you worry too much about what might be wrong, you may want to try doing some more runs in cooler temps with less weight in your car. And practice on your launch technique. Pay close attention to your 60ft times and try to get them down to 2 seconds or less. If you do this, I think you'll probably see much better ET's than before.
My first atttempts at racing were with mods similar to yours, and the best of my first 2 runs was 14.03 secs, and that was with a 2.08 second 60ft time.

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I did not take offence so dont worry, and thanks for the info.
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