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last weekend at tampa street races.
saw a new wrx turbo.. felt like going head to head with a fellow turbo AWD

stok quote on those cars is 227 hp. his car was quik to be about 100 hp weakr than mine.
got a great launch, jumped only about 3/4 carlength on him..
only car ive ever raced that hung so close thru 1st.
pulled another half a length or so thru 2nd.
when we crossee the line.. somwhere in 3rd gear i had him by about a lenght and a half.

vr4 guys.. race the wrx's they are new an thier owners think they are all the shit.. show em what an extra turbo and a a couple more cyls is worth....

oo and i took a e36 M3.. not really a challenge.. but i like beating BMW's cuz the owners are ALWAYS so cockey.. like to shut down thier german junk with a bit of jap tech! THAT ruins thier day!
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