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I bought this car almost 2 years ago and it was THRASHED. I picked it up cheap and have been going through it since. When i bought it the motor was blown, the tranny was locked up, the rear suspension looked like it had run over a couple of landmines, 3 of the rims were bent, the interior was trashed. The only reason I bought it was my father had a 3000gt and also a complete rollover 3000gt parts car at the house.
The donor car was a 93 3000gt/sl. (mine is a 92 stealth rt non-turbo). I swapped in the motor and tranny out of the roll-over (including new clutch/pp/throwout bearing) and got it running good. The whole rear suspension/axles were then swapped in. At the time of the rebuild the 92 had 120k miles and the 93 had 98k. I knew the guy who owned the 93 before he rolled it and the car was religiously dealer maintained. The timing belt was just replaced 10k ago.
I dont know if you know much about the cars but the 1st generation ones had a problem with the lifters. I'm not sure exactly what it is but 1st time you start it up or are idling at a light too long the lifters start clickin like a VW that needs the valves adjusted. Hasnt been a problem and every 1st gen one i have ever seen still clicks away.
When the tranny was swapped in it was having a hard time going into 3rd. It grinds slightly if you shift to fast. I never took it apart to check it but it hasnt gotten any worse. I make sure to change the oil in it every other time i change the motor oil. The trannys in these cars are notorious for being very poor.
The odometer is now reading approx. 157k.
So its been on the road since then doing 100 miles a day back and forth to work. Over the last 1-1/2 yrs the paint has gotten pretty chipped up from driving as much as i do. It buffs up nice but plenty of chips and scratches. (its the dodge electric blue by the way) Also has its share of door dings. The rear roll pan/bumper cover is pretty dinged up (prev. owner) and could use a new one (unless you think the plastic could be sanded down and re painted). The spoiler off of the donor car was also swapped on but never painted to match.
One of the front lenses has a cracked corner and the paint all around it is spiderwebed. It doesnt appear to have any structural damage. I put a bra on it to cover it up/help with rock dings. I swapped on a set of stock aluminum 3000gt 5 spoke rims because the stealth ones were trashed (i still have them, they go with the car if you want). I just had pep-boys put on a new set of tires 500 miles ago.

The interior has never gotten any work. The front leather seats are very bad. in need of a re-pad/re-cover. Or a set of seatcovers absolute minimum. The top lip of the door panels are starting to crack due to this damn NM sun, as are the top of the rear seats where the sun shiens thru the back hatch. I had the windows tinted to try to help with this and it has slowed it tremendously. The rear seat is in good condition other than these new cracks. The carpets could use a shampoo as could the headliner. Not tooo bad though. The shift boot needs to be replaced because its falling apart. (all the cheap stock ones do). Ihas just the base stereo system in it, no cd. I just picked up a set of the infinity door speakers for it and they will be in soon.
My father is in the middle of swapping in the leather interior out of the donor car so the whole tweed (great condition) out of his car may be available. I was going to put it in when he got done because it is soooo much more comfy in my opinion.
Uhhmm.... OH... i picked up a rock in the windshield the other day and it cracked pretty bad. Not enough to impare visibility at all but still.
We also have a extra set of heads/intake that may be available if you are thinking of doing any motor upgrades. We kept them from my old motor so we could port/polish w/o having one of our cars down while it was being done.
(damn this is getting long) Its really not in as bad of shape as it sounds!
I can get some pics to you no problem. let me know
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