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Ok heres the deal my good friend has a 91 firebird 305 TBI V8. For those of us who know their GM cars thats the third-gen body style with the fogs and running lights in the front bumper, and a 5 liter carberated V8. First of all its an automatic with the stock 15" rims and 265 width tires on it. So far his mods are 373 richmond gears out back, march underdrive pulley set, Flowmaster catback exhaust, hypertech chip, a 160 degree thermostat, all emmissions controls and smog pump removed, and a K&N drop in filter. Oh yeah he also pulled the spare tire and the jack outta the back to save weight. Now all I have so far is a 92 Stealth R/T automatic with a K&N Aircharger kit, the underdrive pulley, lighter 17" rims, and Dulop SP 9000 tires. I know I need to do a custom exhaust too. Do you guys think I could take him? We raced once but I was totally stock then and I had no idea we were gonna do it till he left so I had no launch at all. Lemme know what you guys think or what else I should put on my car. I'm gonna take out the resonator bottle this weekend but I know it doesnt help much. I really wanna kick my friends ass. He talks alotta shit.
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