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92 camry se for sale

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Alas, as I just bought my stealth, my other car (the camry) must go.

It's a 92 camry se (like the XLE, only 5-speed)
105k miles
new clutch at 90k miles
tires replaced about 1 month ago
3.0l v6 (no wimpy v4 here)
5 speed manual transmission

for a four dour sedan, the thing is DAMN fast (and has low insurance costs :)
If anyone is interested i'll post pics. Either reply to this message or email me at [email protected]
$6000 obo and the car is located in las vegas, nevada. I've already looked into shipping, and it runs about 700 at the most to anywhere in the country.

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WOW since when did they make V4's. amazing what they come up these days. a v4, thats a new one to me!!
love the sarcasm ;-)
That would be a typo.
The camry has the 3.0l V6 instead of the 2.2l I4
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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