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'92 3000GT SL Auto, Green, for sale in NY

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1992 3000GT SL 79,000 miles Green, Beige Leather, you guys know all the options. For sale on Long Island, will ship if buyer wants. Digital AC/Heat All service done. runs/look perfect. Garaged it's whole life. Stereo upgrades, custom intake and exhaust mods. E-mail if you'd like more pics. Now has the stock 16" Rims on it. BEST OFFER[email protected]


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I'd like some more pics and a little more info on the options. Thanks. [email protected]
Has there ever been any work on the trans? And these are 5spd right? Let me know too if the 18s are coming with it. You can either post here or send me email at [email protected]
No work on the tranny. No work has been or is needed. It shifts perfectly. If your serious about buying the car I will give a GREAT deal on the rims. Thanks.
Oh yeah, it's an AUTO tranny.
Sorry man, I gotta have a 5spd for my next one. But damn that is a fine car. What type of rims are those? VR4's?
18" VR-4 Rims. Do the manual tranny swap and take my car now.
Yeah right, you do the manual swap and then charge the same price....I WILL TAKE IT. That stuff costs an arm and a leg

I'm going to create a poll, should I continue to try to sell my car, or just give it to some homeless guy in the city.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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