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There's a '91 R/T Turbo for sale at the Dodge dealership five minutes from me. It's only got 44,396 on the odo and it seems to run pretty well. I took it out for a drive a couple of weeks ago, and the only things I noticed were trouble getting it started (it had been sitting for awhile apparently), a little bit of hesitation during acceleration before it warmed up, and the airbag light was on. After it warmed up it was fine. The CE light came on as I was accelerating out of a turn and I have no idea why. Should have pulled the code I guess ;) Regardless, the car pulled hard and seemed strong. Then again, I'm used to an auto NA ;)

Here's the info:

'91 Stealth R/T Turbo
44,396 miles
JB3XE74C7MY019859 (I think that's right)

Also, it has the "Official Car" graphics on it from the 75th Indy 500. Whether or not it was actually one of the original cars that came with the graphics, I'm not sure. I'm inclined to believe it is because it was grabbed by the owner of the dealership back when it was new and he's had it ever since.

The interior and wheels are a little shabby for only 44,XXX miles. Didn't get a chance to look under the hood, but the body and interior seem to be free from moderate or major problems.

PM me or post if you have any specific questions and I'll try to find them out for you. I'm also going to stop back by and see how much he's asking (too much, obviously, but it doesn't hurt to find out how bad it is ;)). I'm going to be in town until the Sunday after Thanksgiving.
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