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91 Stealth RT FOR SALE

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1991 Dodge Stealth RT - 5 Speed. Pampered for all of its 113,000 miles. Female owner. Highly desired Black Exterior/Charcoal/Black Interior(leather) . $4800 obo
Email me for more info.
I will post a picture in a few days.
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Here's the picture

Here is a picture of my car:
Here's the picture

Here is a picture of my car:
Let me help......

Hope that helped.
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I couldn't get it to attach as you can see. Thanks for the help Bob!:)

Can you post some pictures or at least one of the interior??

Interior pictures

I didn't take any when I was taking pictures of the car, however I can do that this weekend and get them on here by Monday. The interior has very little wear, and I replaced the shift boot as soon as I bought the car.
Where are you located? I'm in SW Missouri. What is the lowest you'll take cash? Is there anything wrong with it?

I am in Louisiana. The lowest price I will go is $4500.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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