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Code 53 indicates 1 of the 3 coils or the Ignition Power Transistor Unit as well as the standard, "connections or Engine Control Module".

Well, tried new coils with no help. Found the Power Transistor Unit mounted to the front left corner of the block. It looks like it gets very hot there, so I mounted it on a heatsink and mounted that to the coolant recovery bottle bracket. Its like right on the edge of failing and running on 4 cylinders. Now that this unit doesn't get near as hot as the block, I can run harder and faster longer without any problem. But when I push it too hard, 2 cylinders cut out and I still get a flash of 53.
Not good for long distance, but I can usually run now for 15 minutes or so.
Now, makes me wonder If I have still a problem with the Transistor Unit or not.

QUESTION: Is it possible that the ECU senses something that it doesn't like and puts my car into a LIMP-IN mode?

If so, what does the ECU do to cause the LIMP? Does it cut out 2 cylinders and allow you to limp to the dealer on the remaining 4 ? There are many things that constitute "LIMP-IN".

Much of this may be completly supfurlious (sp) and all I have to do is replace parts until its fixed, but the more I understand the way It works, the better I like it.
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