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Wanted: Traction Problems
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I am selling a Black 91' 3000GT SL with a full Erubuni Shogun body kit. The engine and transmission could not be in better shape. For real, the engine has been overhauled a year ago, because I noticed alot of white smoke out the tail pipe. They said I needed new rings and they where right. As far as the lifter tick, Ive almost eliminated it(Only a slite tick for the first 0.5 sec of a cold start). The transmission is perfect (Well actualy better than perfect.) The Syncroes were replaced with higher quality ones, and you can shift as fast as you want at any revs w/o any grinding noise. The only engine mod is a "Weapon R" filter and ram air. The exaust is crazy, no cats, dual 5.5 in chrome "Bomz" mufflers that fit nicely under the radical Erubuni rear bumper. The rear center peace (between tail lights)says GTO. Car also has a removable sunroof and clear turn signal.

I love this car and took very good care of her. The only reason Im selling her is b/c I now have a VR-4:D but only after I spent 2k on a body kit:rolleyes: .

Now for the few cons of my baby. The millage... Its a 91' so its 12 years old but it has 157k. But the engine has been rebuilt and totaly a new transmission put in. The paint is also 12 years old and could use some TLC. The oil presure gauge reads "0" but its only b/c the cable is broke. The Sport light blinks like many 3000's do. and oh yeah the horn doesn't work.

I am looking to get about 6k but best offer takes it. I'll have pics up in a few days.
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