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I have a 1994 Vr-4 With about 62K Miles on it... I've been putting off doing the 60K maintenance because of the urge to sell it...

I have a few questions...

1. How hideously expensive is the 60K Maint? Aside from my Active aero being atuck Down, Everything woirks fine, and i've done all of the previous maint on time. (well all since 45K miles, when I bought it)

2. Is it dangerous to delay the maint for up to another 2000 miles? Since I am probably going to sell it and get a more practical car for my job.. Is this dangerous? Am I risking the timing chain exploding on me, as My car stalls on I-94 in chciago? :)

3. Is anyone interested in buying this car? It's a completely utterly stock 1994 Vr-4. The cranberry red color, driven to 62K miles. Cared for with oil done every 2500K miles, and fluids changed.

Has -Every- option, Sun roof (popup), Rear limited slip diff, highend stock stereo, etc...

It's problems are:
-Front Aero Stuck down/SCratched a little
-Scratch the length of 2 pencils (9 inches?) On the rear passenger side, by the fuel tank.. It's not to the bare metal, But it was put there by a dumb f**king fat kid, who rode into my car while I was parked. It's also SLightly dented at teh start of the scratch.... Realistically, you don't notice it unless you're aobut a 1 foot away.. but it still pisses me off everyday.
-Leather on shifter is cracking abit.. Nothing bad, it's just kinda flaking off a bit.
-passenger/driver seats need a Full cleaning.. badly.. They're fine condition wise, just in need of more TLC than I have time for.

Aside from that, it's fine... It orginally from the south, and it's only been thru one winter (This one).. Last Winter it was in Texas, and previously it was in Nevada/ariz (Not sure..). It's never been raced, I drive it fairly normal, and average.
email me if interested.. I'm In Lake County Illinois, near lake michigan/Wisconsin.
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