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$60 Cdn, good price for water pump?

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Well, is it?
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Go for it

If it is a bran-new one...YES, YES....Those can go for ~100 cdn

Yup, it's new. I have to give them the old one though. Dodge wants $158 for a new one, no core charge though.

Where abouts are you getting this pump from?

It's a place called Heads Up right here in Winnipeg.
I've got a water pump in my garage you can have for free if you pay for shipping. You'll need to get a gasket for it.
It's got about 6K miles on it.

Just don't ask why I bought a new one.....:)
What else

What else does this Heads Up place it like UAP Napa...?

Yeah I guess, except it's not a big francise or anything. The only other thing I bought from him was head bolts for my car. They were super nice too. They also have motorcycle stuff.
somethings wrong with my mailbox, it says it's full when there's not even anything in it. Anyway, you can email me here:

[email protected]

most places sell remanufactured {rebuilt } water pumps thats why they want the old one {hence the core charge} bet you dollars to{ dog nuts} its remanu.
bad84kat is right, it is remanufactured. I thought I'd make sure since they wanted the core, and it is reman. No biggie though, it's still like new. All the inards are brand new, and $100 less is good enough for me.
You have mail!
I found a new OE waterpump for $60 US at the auto parts store with a lifetime warranty under P/N MD997643 (BWC p/n 1312161). The impeller looks a little more robust with a press-fit shaft and multiple spots welds on the blade/base. The down side is you need to remove and replace the old back housing like the other aftermarket pumps. The other OE pump p/n MD972005 has the housing already installed. By the way, the OE pumps are made by GMB, not the best name in pumps from what I've heard. I would have gone with the Airtex/Master aftermarket pump because the better rep, but I returned two of them because of poor surface finish on the gasket surface. Quality is probably a toss-up between the two.

Can I get OE water pump other than dealer?
you might ask him if he can get a lot of parts for our cars, b/c if he can get them and sell them fairly cheap, you could refer him to our board and if he has cheap prices, I'm sure that he could sell quite a bit here.
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