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I have a 6 speed tranny that only has 20k on it. It was a NEW waranty replacement, not a rebuilt unit. This tranny is the tightest 3000gt tranny i have ever had the pleasure of shifting. The remaining parts have 60k on them. Heres the list......

Transfer case
Rear diff
Shifter cables
Lower radiator hose

This is everything you need to convert to a 6 speed.
I want $3500 which INCLUDES shipping in the lower 48 states.
EMAIL is the best way to contact me.... [email protected]

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That's an AWESOME deal... My rebuild at a local tranny shop cost my 3200 bucks and that was just the rebuid of the tranny... this includes EVERYTHNIG to convert to a 6 speed and it's in great shape... I wish this deal was around when I was in the marked... Good luck to you and I'm sure someone will snatch this up quick.
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