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6-disc Changer?

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I recently purchased a 1997 VR-4 and it didn't come with the 6-disc changer. I was wondering if anyone had one for sale that fits the 1997 VR-4. I have a 6-disc top of the line Pioneer MDX30 (that I had in my 1995 3000, but it isn't compatible with the 1997)in MINT condition to trade or sell also. Thanks.
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i do have alpine 7544 casette and alpine 6disc changer they are compatible with each other. 200.00 + s/h or best offer. let me know.

[email protected]
I have the mitsu 10 disc cd changer.

If you're interested, call me at 5204045272. Leave a message if I don't answer.

- Zach
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