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5 speed, transfer case, ds, rear end

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I am converting over to a six speed so all my 5 speed stuff is up for grabs! All the stuff is in great shape, around 90K on car, less if any of it was ever replaced by previous owner. The trans has no cracks, leaks, has a good output shaft - only problem is slight 2nd gear synchro grinding-only at very high RPM and POWER shift. new synchro is $150 from Kormex. Transfer case is a recent Kormex rebuild around 5k miles on it only. Other stuff is in good original shape.

Not sure what the stuff is worth so I am asking but am open to any offers:

trans - $1200 (no core charge) possibly I can replace 2nd gear synchro with Kormex synchro then $1700 (again no core) Remember you can sell your core for at least $500, more if its not complete garbage.

Transfer case - $400
driveshaft - $300
rear end - $300

or $1700 for the whole set.

Just guessing on prices make me an offer
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by the way, email me at [email protected] if interested. Board does not send me my emails since I changed addresses.
make me an offer guys!
Someone's gotta need this stuff!
I 'might' need the center line driveshaft.

I'll let you know on monday am.

Need the spline count

Hey i neeed the spline count on the output shaft and the transfer case. My friend needs them both like yesterday!!!!! He has a 25 spline count.

Just let me know.

They're 25 spline stuff.

Let me know on the driveshaft.

I'll let ya know tommorrow. I can already say its sold though!!!

Contact me via email

[email protected]

we will arrange payment
can you possibly send me pics of the Drive shaft?

How many miles are on it, what condition, etc?

I think I will need it, but don't have the cash right now. :( Should be about two weeks.

(I think I've narrowed my shudder problems down to a bad u joint on my current shaft)

i need the trans and the x case because of the splines on the trans. but what i wanna know is......why all this stuff pops up for sale when i have NO money?
why dont you just order the parts and fix your own trans .
The shipping on a whole trans is gonna be expensive !

Frank Martin
Who is Steven, Frank?
its me. im steven. the reason i cant do that is because its my 3rd gear synchro thats shattered. reverse is toast too. i called kormex 2 times already but the 2nd time i was ready to order it thru work.....until i found out i needed to use a credit card and our dealership wont get 1. as for the shipping.....i have a good friend that works at DHX and she said she can hook me up with a good price. (either free in her name or about 260 in my name)
OK 5 speed, rear end, driveshaft are all out and ready to ship. I tore down the 5 spd and cleaned and inspected everything - all looked good so I replaced the 2nd gear synchro with a Kormex new one and it is reassembled ready to go!!

Had the stuff sold, still no down payment from buyer so as far as I'm concerned first one to get me money gets the stuff.

Transfer case has been sold.
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