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4Gswap MR2 !

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Here we go again…

I bought a 1991 mr2 my senior year of highschool. Non turbo, auto. Drove the crap out of it. Spring break to Florida. Back and forth from Purdue University. Partying at IU. Partying at MSU. Brought back 4 girls in the MR2 from a party in MI to their dorm. One on my lap, one on center console, two in passenger seat. Good times. lol.

Eventually sold it for my first 3000GT VR4. Also a 1991. But literally dreamed about owning another. Then would wake up and disappointed it was just a dream. So a couple years ago I bought a roller. No rust. TTops. And cheap. Probably a little too cheap. The new paint job was not great. And they started wet sanding and stopped. Also apparently stopped painting too because hood wasn’t painted and hood and spoiler only primed.

Diamond in the rough. Lol. Goals….

Too be continued…

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hey Eric, talked at length with Hughes the other day about restalling a stock converter for me to keep lockup and he was super unconfident that it would hold more than 600 and said the lockup would be super weak as well. I am sending in my precision unit to Hughes to get opened and cleaned and they are going to see if there are any clutches that can be made to work, but he didn't want to get my hopes up.
There is a place next door to Hughes that does it for half the cost and welds in plates for strength. Call roadrunner. They’re next to Hughes in Phoenix.
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That mount is going to drop at least a tenth off the 60.
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