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4Gswap MR2 !

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Here we go again…

I bought a 1991 mr2 my senior year of highschool. Non turbo, auto. Drove the crap out of it. Spring break to Florida. Back and forth from Purdue University. Partying at IU. Partying at MSU. Brought back 4 girls in the MR2 from a party in MI to their dorm. One on my lap, one on center console, two in passenger seat. Good times. lol.

Eventually sold it for my first 3000GT VR4. Also a 1991. But literally dreamed about owning another. Then would wake up and disappointed it was just a dream. So a couple years ago I bought a roller. No rust. TTops. And cheap. Probably a little too cheap. The new paint job was not great. And they started wet sanding and stopped. Also apparently stopped painting too because hood wasn’t painted and hood and spoiler only primed.

Diamond in the rough. Lol. Goals….

Too be continued…

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order placed for Wilhelm Raceworks, custom Koni coilovers with added caster in the camber plates, wilwood brake kit, customized for more caliper clearance, his suspension geometry correction kit, low seat brackets (planning on Sparco Sprints) and some other misc brackets. That order stung. lol

Can't put a price on good stuff man
Can't wait to see it up and turning heads
MR2 "Dont get dust off !!"

Yay! More parts! 12.19” wilwood rotors front and rear. They look massive.

Foglights, of course!

And a mildly built 2g auto trans. Has shift kit, welded center diff and clutches. This came off Kevin Jewers 2g DSM with compound turbos. He couldn’t break it with 50psi launch. Unfortunately, I bet I can break it.

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Those rotors do look amazingly big

Oh and I’m also now a grandpa 🥹

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Well congratulations 👍
Holy shit these look badass. Pic doesn’t do it justice and they look gigantic for an mr2

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LoL off roading
They look beefy
Some of you might already know
But I stumbled upon this while looking for a way to keep coolant at a cooler temperature and have a longer lifespan
(Figured I would share with the engine building going on right now instead of throwing concentrate or 70ish mix)
This was pretty neat to hear none the less
But I will definitely be trying this stuff out

I didn‘t watch the video yet. Maybe this was mentioned. You need to use the Evans Flush before you use the Evans Waterless Coolant. It’s important to not skip that step. Just draining the radiator is not sufficien.
Well for the guys building engines
But yes even just draining the radiator will still leave coolant in the heater core and the block
all good yesterday and good to catch up with donnie. only hiccup was a speeding ticket on the way up :(
(No pun intended)
big day tomorrow.... bringing mr2 out of storage and back to my home garage. first task....stare at it... then, going to cut up rear frame rail and box it in for more auto trans clearance. unsure if it's necessary, but easier to cut first and ask questions later
Gonna be piecing mine back together tomm... try to get as much done as I possibly can which should 3/4 the way back together

Building full cradle or just one side to accommodate the tranny ?
Haven't seen an MR2 under chassis in a long time don't recall how it looks

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Gauge set up looks good in there
the only thing that looks good on this car right now lol
Got to have a starting point

You gonna paint the car again or buff her out?
good lord this thing is a POS. missing body molding, window/door trim, tail light wiring and who knows what else.

confirmed windows work and found the starter power wire at least.
Won't be saying that when she is putting 500 down lol ....

Could be worse
Like a 1988 Toyota Tercel 2 door hatchback
The head ain't even on it lol
I see what you mean bro (tight)
It does have to roll forward
Like you were saying
Man fun stuff lol (not really)
Running torque mount up top as well ?
Or play it how it goes ?
Coming together one piece at a time bro
Keep the momentum going bro 👍
Fuel cell is tight fit as well to huh ?
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Hey the mock up is just the start gonna be pretty neat seeing it all together
Thoughts about paint for the engine bay ?

16lb of trash wiring and computers. And started installing fueltech harness. It’s a tight fit!

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The fun stuff yeah I'm feeling that
( Wiring )
All that tumbling and nothing
A sawzall??
Crap man
Walk it off let's go - let's go February round the corner 😓
Don't work fatigued bro happens to me all the time end up hurting myself somewhere
Milwaukee sawzall is a bad bitch!! blade smacked straight on to something behind what i was cutting and that full force pushed my arm backwards, back of arm only moved a small amount before it hit something on car for support, so the rest of the force ended up in my wrist apparently. that happened tuesday. worked on car wednesday all day. also thursday after thanksgiving stuff but with a wrist brace. continued to do wiring all weekend. but pain worsened daily. excruciating at night. So, yeah, I kept working on car (ignoring my wife lol)
Thats What we do man push forward
Sounds like you'll be on light duty give it some time to heal (Dr. Orders)
Looking good bro hopefully your wrist starts feeling better
Working with a handicap at the moment slowing ya down throwing you off
Trying to stay away from mine the next 2 days lol
Wish yall a very Merry Christmas and will get back at it after the holidays
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