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3sx light weight stock sized pulley paired with a/c delete belt 91 1st gen

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First I want to apologize if this is in the wrong place. There鈥檚 so many places to post it made my brain hurt looking at them 馃ぃ馃ぃ
Anyways my question is, does anyone have numbers on gains from pairing the light weight stock sized 3sx pulley and the a/c delete on a 91 sl? I鈥檓 slowly and I mean slowly doing an n/a build. I thought about doing the under drive pulley but I have a sub and amp and aftermarket stereo and would rather not risk the power loss to my alternator. 3sx claims 8-10 hp to the wheels on there lightweight stock sized. That is an amazing gain for such a small price. My a/c has a crack on one of the plugs I think it is and is kind of in the way of my headers so it may as well go.
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The NA Bible pinned in the non-turbo section may have someone discussing the AC delete. It does mention the reported 8-10hp advertised for the pulley.

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Thank you I appreciate that a lot! It鈥檚 super cheap maybe 200$ to get the belt and pulleys so why not? Even just for that 8 ho increase that鈥檚 a smokin deal lol.
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