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3SX...good experiences!!!

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Just letting you know that Steve and Dan are good, reputable guys to buy from. I've bought several items, and they installed the first mod on my car, a K&N filter. They use what they sell, and they are fair and strive to provide good service. Contact them at and check out what they carry!
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I definitely agree. Steve even went way out of his way to hook me up with a pin support.

Shipping was fast, price was very good.
I will second that and always try to recommend them to whoever whenever is a goodtime. I have never had such a good shopping experience as this before. They are always on time and keep there promises.
The difference that you will find with Dan and Steve is that they are REAL PEOPLE. They are just good, hard working individuals trying to make a living, just like all of us. I purchased around $3000 worth of parts for my Base that was totalled and around $9000 for my VR4 I got in May. They're always very competitive and there when you have a question. Simply put, there is no better.
one more vote from me :D
they sent parts out as quick as i expected
thanks to Dan and Steve again
I too got my Fidanza flywheel at a good price and quickly from 3sx. Does anyone know what happened to their website??
I've bought a bunch of stuff through them, had some installed by Steve, and utilized his tools and expertise on other occasions to install stuff myself. Great guys with a lot of expertise and options to offer. Plus Steve is 5 minutes up the road from me :D I love having a performance shop around the corner.

Steve was great for me.. Goods got here VERY quick.. Great service too!

3sx rules!!! Steve has been very helpful in answering any questions I may have and he has helped my greatly. I would definately recommend that anyone who needs parts for a 3/s check with Steve or Dan, they can usually get you the best deal!!
In case y'all havn't got the idea yet, Steve is great! I took a roadtrip to 3sx last month and had a great time. My wife thinks I spent too much money, but it was a lot less than it should have been! Thanks Steve!
My car went all to hell a few weeks ago. I hauled it down to Steve and he fixed it up for me very quickly. I also already ordered an underdrive pulley from him, which he installed. He helped me work everything out and put my car back in perfect condition ;)
Yep, both of them are really nice guys.
I was one of the first people to order my springs from them. Got them here and I think it was Dan offered to put them on for a fee.

I was in a bind, I didn't know much about the aluminum flywheels and steve was the only guy I contacted who actually helped me rather than pushed his products on me....Glad I got the flywheel from 3sx, I can't wait until their website is complete....
somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,500 in business.......

Steve is an absolute god, have not had the pleasure to work with Dan yet but I have no fear of his service. I supply this shop with plates and have bought somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,500.00 from him in mod's. Steve always...ALWAYS...answers my emails proptly and with advice on whether my next move is good one or not for my NA. Never had a problem and have spent a good amount of time with him on the phone. Prices are fair to better than fair.......I will not stray from this performance supplier because the lowest price will certainly cost me more in service and aggrevation.

KUDO's to 3SX
3sx (steve) is really help full and fast shipping and good price compare to other 3/S vendor out there. i vote for 3sx !

Haveing spoken with steve several times over phone email in person even going to his home to pick up part and now finally ordering soemthing from him I must say he is a great guy. Thaks for sending the blow off vaulve so quickly steve really aprreciate it.
Thanks everyone :D
Now I need to go hide cause I'm blushing- LOL
Seriously THANKS!
Appreciate everyone.
Steve is great! I ordered a Intake from him on Dec. 27 and got it today. Exaclty as ordered and almost on time :D shipping took a bit longer but thats due to the holiday season. I will definetly buy from him again! Thanks Steve
I'll also add my positive comments on ordering from Steve at 3sx Performance.

He has been very helpful by e-mail and phone and shipped the parts promptly. In my case the DNP Pre-Cat eliminators. I had them effectively two days after the order date.

Steve will be my first choice for most of my upgrade parts.

1994 VR4
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