Mitsubishi 3000GT & Dodge Stealth Forum banner in sport compact car

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Yay, we made it into a ricer magazine. I picked this magazine for the first time today. I was flipping through the pages and noticed the all-to-familiar homepage. This has probably already been mentioned, but i did a search and didn't see it.

They also say that the Lancer EVO is comming to america.
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To The Bottom. Next month's issue is already out.
Oh and BTW, Sport Compact Car is probably the most sophisticated of all the car-hobby specific magazines around, (besides...ahem...Top Gear), its hardly a ricer mag.
Hey, at least I tried to search.

There are quite a few good articles in it, but there is a lot of rice stuff too. And actually, ill admit that i mainly looked at the pictures (ads) before I said that :). The raidius=speed article was quite good. I had only read a little bit before I posted that. Like the part about the guy putting a supercharger on his Ford Focus to get all of 155hp out of it which may not be rice, but it still sucks. And the review about the carbon fiber clear lights left me thinking wtf.
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