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3rd gen. RX-7 Limo!!! (Pics)

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I found this thing at a restaurant last week. I finally got around to taking pictures of it on Tues. night. It had some badass rims on it before, but I guess they took them off.

<img src=>
<img src=>

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I think those are stock 7 rims.

If he only had windows it would be better!!:rolleyes:
Yeah, I bet they lock up little children in there :eek: I can see it now..."Want some candy?" ;)

Windows would've deffinantly helped.
Hrmmmm, Some People just have too much Money.
*shudders*...wonder what it does the 1/4 mile in...
It's not very creative. But its definitely a first.
3000GT limo

The parts Dept at my local delearship used to have a pict (drawing) of a GT limo, it was called the 300,000GT VR4 :) looked kinda cool on paper
HAHA, I think that's kinda cool. Notice it has an aftermarket muffler? I wonder what else that did! lol
i think it's a pretty slick idea - and i would rather ride in that to a school dance than i would a streched lincoln town car.
If those are gullwing doors, then that'd be sweet...
Here is the limo.


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I like it :) the rear door does look like a gullwing, that thing must have cost BIG bucks
My friend said either pettite did it or peter ferrel.

1stealth said:
Here is the limo.

Where did you get a pic of the same Limo?
Stealth Turbo said:

Where did you get a pic of the same Limo?

I found it in
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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