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Ok just to set the stage, in my town (Vacaville, California) there is an on ramp where two turn lanes go to the on ramp which does a reverse question mark shaped turn (pretty sharp) then gets onto a 4 lane interstate (80) so im in the left most turn lane and i pull up next to this dark grey metallic mustang and i notice there are no emblems anywhere on the car and the holes have been filled in with something and painted to match the car (as far as i can tell)

im on my way to my girlfriends house so cars are pretty far in the back of my mind:D . But hes revving and inching, so im like ok i know im not fast but why not it's still a rush. So i give a couple quick revs. I notice he has an awesome exhaust kit because hes overpowering my music and it sounds real nice but hes revving really high then letting it go back to idle then repeating. I look to the side and see the light for the other people turn yellow so i rev to about 3k(didnt want to spin) and get ready to go into a hard left turn. Light turns green, i stick to the road and he gets some spin, i felt my tires holding so i gassed it got a little slip but gripped and shot off faster into the first part of the turn.

here's where i thought i was gonna waste him i took that turn hard and fast but knew i had a sharper second part of the turn , i looked in my rer view and see him maybe 1.5 lengths behind me and hold but hes wobbling side to side, meanwhile my CD player is blasting Hatebreed so the adrenalin is pumping and i go WOT and hit the second half ogf the turn going wayyyy to fast, i can feel gravity pulling down on me but i keep a spot at the apex of the turn in my sites so i wont have to cut too hard and nail it, i hit the free way (after making a mental note ill need to clean my pants out, and put febreeze on the seat) going about 85 and shoot through traffic, i see him a bit farther back.

i get off the freeway and hes still behind me then pulls up next to me and keeps revving and looking at me (least i think so, his windows were extrememly tinted. So at the next light we launch again and this time its even we both take off side by side but have to slow down, as we are slowing down i hear his engine go to idle, hes holding the clutch down and im letting the engine/brakes slow me down while in second, when the delivery truck moved out of the way i jump on the gas and blast off and see him stutter a sec then take off, right then i noticed the front grill of his car had been cut, there was no emblem there either. At this point i pretty much start cutting through side streets go ditch him because im getting annoyed, and finally make it to my gfs house....

the way all the emblems were missing really makes me wonder, anyways it was fun and i had a sweet ass story to tell my gf considering she saw me get hosed by cobra the day before
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