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Hello Everybody.

I have a 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL, pearl color mint condition inside and out for sale.
It is hard for me to describe what this car represents to me, and what condition it is in. Honestly, I hope nobody will ever buy it and I will be able to keep it forever to myself. Car is simply one of a kind and I haven't seen one "preserved" like this one unless it wasn't used at all.
I bought it in July of this year at the auto auction in Hammond Indiana. Car had no front bumper, 129k miles and and rebuilt title.
After close inspection I was sure I want it and I won bidding on it.
Since I'm into car industry and I'm fan of 3K GT's I new what will need to be done in order to have it like new again.
One thing, that hit me was, that the car had absolutely no rust anywhere on it and it looked like half year old car.
After I purchased it, I ran Carfax report and I was happiest guy in the world, finding, that the car was driven for all those years in Florida !
Car had very light front end collision, which didn't "touch" anything except for the bumper and bit of fender, but that was enough for insurance to put it up for sale instead of fixing it due to its age.
I spent around $ 4600.00 in order to have it done as it is.

Here is a list of what I did to this car:

1). Old heads replaced with new ones (19K miles)
2). Brand new oil pump
3). Brand new water pump
4). Brand new timing belt and tensioner
5). New rod and cranckshaft bearings (crank was done by Integrity shop in Chicago)
6). Brand new cranckshaft seals
7). Brand new clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing
8). Brand new high performance (Bradi) crossdrilled brake disks (all 4)
9). Brand new Kevlar (Stillen) brake pads (All 4 wheels)
10). Brand new set of (Epic) rims (17")
11). Brand new set of low profile tires
12). New K&N filtercharger
13). Brand new 1999 backup light (I still have the old one in mint condition, but a 99 looks better in my opinion.
I must also mention, that all of the gaskets were replaced with new ones(obviously head gaskets, water pump, oil pump, etc.)
Also fuel pump is of off a 92 Stealth turbo.

All of those parts except for Disk brakes, pads, K&N filter and wheels with tires were bought at Mitsubishi Dealer and are OEM parts.
Car runs and drives great and it will for many years to come.
I also wanted to replace 2-nd gear synchro cause it had some noise when cold, but after driving it for a while I found out, that it was not necessary.
After reading all off this You may want to ask me what the hell is wrong with me to sell car which is half new and on which I spend around 3 months of my work ?...
Well, I wish I didn't have to sell it, but I have a 5 month old boy (Jacob) and wedding date for summer of the next year. I'd love to drive this car forever, but life, my lovely boy Jacob and my soon to be wife are forcing me to sell it and buy something more like a family car (I hate it, though)

I'm asking $ 6000.00 OBO for that car and I thing price is very fair since Kelly Blue book appraised it lot higher without all things I put into it. I'm willing to negotiate if You're interested.
Thank You for looking at this ad.

You can email me at [email protected] or feel free to call me at (773) 469-7399

All of the parts like (oil pan, all kind of brackets and other normally reused adapters) were cleaned sanded and repainted in original color. Underbody was also painted twice with undercoat rubberized paint.
This car is 100% rust free ! There are absolutety no signs of rust at all !
I forgot to mention, tha the front bumper cover is also new.
There is a Alpine CD player with remote controller, which is a part of the deal as well.
Thanks again - Sebastian
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