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3000gt vr4 or 300zx tt 90+, Buying questions !

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Im looking at buying either a 3000gt vr-4 91-94(probably not 94 cuz too much $$). or a 300zx 90+ TT with ok mods..

i think the 300tt is faster, but im not sure, i know they weigh less, i have a 90 300zx NA right now, and im not sure which way i wanna go.. some info on why the 3000gt would be better and why it wouldnt would he helpfull, thanks !

also selling my 300zx1990 NA 6500 obo, ca bay area. call email [email protected] if serious, thanks !
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Vr-4's are faster than the 300zx stock I believe. Both have their own reliability problem as I guess you know.
The fastest vr-4 to date is a 10.8 I believe and this has been held for about 3-4yrs too.
I haven't done much research on the 300Z though I do like those cars. I would imagine with them being a RWD platform, they would be easier to get into the lower numbers

3000gt vr-4 pretty good when it comes to reliability ? break down alot ? mileage goes how high ? need good comparisons here , thx ! good reasons to buy a vr-4 etc.
Vr-4 Alll the toys - Electronically Controlled Air system. Has a little 1.5x1.5 inch screen and lets you set temp and how hard the air blow.
Vr-4 Around 25/mpg or like 18 if you have a heavy foot.
Awd, AWS, Electronically Controlled Suspension (2 settings smooth/hard for driving fast)
The only reliability issue with VR4 is that the Transmissions seem to break. More than a handful have had a problem while others have 130k miles with no problems. The 94 and up seem to be a little more reliable as well.

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